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Dust off your running shoes, warm up your muscles and get ready for fun.

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We have been waiting for this all year!

A grand sports event - Cambridge Mile 2021, will be held on 16 October. The year has passed very quickly, and we are excited about forthcoming sports festival. The Cambridge Mile is a well-loved event by the participants of previous years.

The Cambridge Mile is a family festival dedicated to running, international friendship and community organized by Cambridge International School in a picturesque Tashkent Botanical Garden. There is nothing better than spending time in the fresh air with your friends and family!

Come to Cambridge Mile 2021 and become a hero of the great family run!


Previous Cambridge Miles in figures

2000+ people participated in the previous Cambridge Miles

30 awards were given out to the runners

1 mile is the distance for the children younger than 15 years old

2 miles is the distance for adults and the children aged 16 or older


Reasons to participate

for children

You will compete with professional runners

You will be a part of a big family ‘team’ and will have to surmount all the obstacles together with your family

You will help your parents by supporting them and encouraging them as you cheer them on

for parents

You will let your child be proud of you as a champion. The only thing you need to do is to come to the festival

You will create another great memory for your child: ‘my father taught me how to…’ (how to make a fire, how to survive in a wild forest, how to ride a bicycle etc.)

for sports fans

You will join the league of healthy and persevering people

You will resolve some of your daily routine questions while running

You will raise your endorphin and serotonin level (hormones responsible for the level of your happiness)

If you are not ready to take part in the race, then feel free to join our spectators’ team. Because everybody needs your support!


Frequently asked questions


The race will be held in the Tashkent Botanical Garden .

big map

Please see the map above and the link to its location on Google maps. There our staff members will meet you at the park entrance and they will be happy to assist you in getting to the meeting point.

For any questions please contact the school +998 71 209 66 69 or Evgeniy Vasilyev + 998 90 393 63 11.


16 October, 2021 from 9am to 3pm

What awaits you at the Cambridge Mile 2021:

  • Light breakfast

  • Collective warm-up

  • 1 and 2 mile race

  • Awards ceremony

  • Show

  • Family competitions

  • Open air picnic

Participation fees

50 000 som for a child

70 000 som for an adult


Attention! To take part in Cambridge Mile 2021 you need to register yourself and your child. Deadline for the registration — 13 October